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Ralph Gregory Jr.: RJ BRANDS CUSTOMS

Happy to have you here, Ralph. Tell us your story, how did you get started fashion designing and where is your home at the moment?

I first started off being a model in my early college career my sophomore year in college for a model troupe at my university for 3 years. Know the person I am and how different I’ve always been I always my own since of style and look. I’ve also suffered and dealt with depression and anxiety which really push me to design and tell my story though my designs. That’s when I started leaning more toward the design part so I can incorporate my own style, fashion, and what I was dealing with mentally incorporated into my designs. Modeling is something I still do as well and I love doing.

Tell us more about yourself. What else do you do next to fashion designing?

What I do next to fashion designing is I am a model and celebrity stylist as well. I’ve styled multiple celebrities from reality tv. I also style for local artist here in my home town as well. I also stye for brand ambassadors for hot topic, shein, and HM. I love modeling also and being in front of the camera modeling my creations and my photographer creating some of the best shoots for me.

What do you love most about being a fashion designer? And, what do you least enjoy?

I love the most about being a fashion designer is how creative I can be and letting my imagination flow to be able to create iconic, unique, and bold pieces. Least how time consuming it can be to make things at times.

What is the most challenging being a fashion designer?

I would say the expenses of it all can be pretty expensive from buying fabrics and etc to creat pieces, and how long it can take take to design some of my jackets.

If you could change something in the fashion/modeling world, what would it be?

I would definitely continue to help it be more diverse. Make the fashion world open to all sizes to where everyone can have a chance to model and live their dream. I think everyone is unique, different, and dope in their own world and the world and society needs to see that.

What fuels your imagination and provides you with inspiration?

A lot of music videos, sitcom television shows, art, and most of all the 90s era. My clothing and designs is based out of the 90s era .

What keeps you excited about life in general?

Different things that life has to bring that’s positive and helpful to my brand.

Looking back how has fashion designing/modeling changed your personal/professional life?

Have you grown more comfortable with yourself since you have started? Fashion designing, and modeling has definitely impacted my life in a huge positive way. It made me much happier and peaceful as a person, and helped me cop with my anxiety and depression and still does til this day. I’ve grown a lot more comfortable with myself all around.

What kind of life would you like to have?

Just long as I have peace of mind, stress free, happiness, and life without worries.

What are the achievements you are proud of most of today?

The achievements I’m proud of today is showcasing in NYFW in downtown Manhattan and the show being put on national tv. That was Major. Then can’t forgot selling out my collection in just about every fashion show I do.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

The readers can find me on INSTAGRAM: @rjbrandscustomsllc and Facebook @RJ Gregory

Photographer: Jaisun Lundy
Fashion Designer/Model: Ralph Gregory Jr. @rjbrandscustomsllc



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