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Ramela Arutiunian: Do not be afraid to do as you see and feel, be yourself and trust yourself

Photographer: Ramela Arutiunian @aruti_studio
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Alena Lemondy  @lemondy__
Fashion Designer: Viriam Mudrahel @vira_lilium
Retoucher: Osya Kun @retouch_osya
Model: Mariiam Khapaeva @marymooure
Dress Viriam Mudrahel

When did your passion for fashion start and what were the main milestones that turned you into the artist you currently are?

My passion for fashion photography has been started when I moved to NYC. I was living in Russia and never thought about photography. This incredible city inspired me to start a new chapter in my life. When I walked around Manhattan I saw a lot of photographers and I thought “I want to do the same and I can”.

What do you love the most about your profession?

The most important thing in my profession is the opportunity to show how can I see this world, people, life. I can do that using my camera in my hands. It’s my language to speak with. I love to see people open up in front of the camera and they trust me and I can affect them to show their natural beauty. Even if the client comes to the photoshoot for the first time, trusting me we can get great pictures.

How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it? Is there any message you would like your photos to convey?

I try to do my work individually. I prefer to take pictures in black and white style or “like in the movie”. I mean when we do the photoshoot I ask people to live in the moments and don't pose on purpose. Then we get the photos more natural, genuine.

How hard has it been establishing yourself in the industry and what are some of the largest things you've faced?

The most difficult thing for me in the industry was the language barrier because I had just moved to a new country and was in the process of learning the language. Also, one of the most difficult moments, in the beginning, is finding new acquaintances and combining two jobs.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?

Do not be afraid to do as you see and feel, and do not do as everyone does, be yourself and trust yourself. You're doing great and you talented.

What is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is the city I live in. New York has always inspired me for creating new things and give me a portion of motivation. Also, my husband always supports me and believes in my ideas.

Are there particular issues within the fashion industry that concern you?

If we talk about fashion in photography I prefer style like Peter Lindbergh - natural beauty in fashion. That’s what I concern with. I like a fashion not too much modified. I don’t like the photos with a lot of retouching it’s not natural and people look at the magazine's cover and think “Oh, she has an ideal skin, nose and everything else. I am not beautiful.” I don’t support it because everyone is beautiful. That’s why I use minimum retouching in my works.

What kind of impact do you hope to make in the fashion world?

As I said above I want to impact the photography world to accept ourselves as we are and truly love, discover, and recognize ourselves in a new way.

In your daily routine, what resources do you like to learn new things about art, fashion?

I use Instagram, Pinterest, magazines like Vogue, Elle.

What projects are you working on next, and what are your goals for the future?

My goals are to open my photography studio in Manhattan, publish my photo book with city shots, publish my works in Vogue and promote my style of photography.

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

You can see samples of my work on my Instagram @aruti_studio, FB Ramela Arutiunian, and visiting my website Also here on



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