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Sahra Mohamed: Modeling helped me reach a place of self-love and acceptance.

Tell us more about yourself. What else do you do next to modeling?

I studied Advanced Business Management at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I worked in various corporate firms throughout Vancouver in both the public and private sectors. I had a keen interest in law and had the pleasure of working in one of the largest corporate law firms in the country. It’s important to demonstrate how multifaceted women are. I love fashion, and beauty, immersing myself in the latest trends and I also enjoy pursuing an education. Being a businesswoman empowers me to take control of my life’s trajectory. From a young age, I learned to be financially independent. My mother taught me to dream big but if you finance yourself in doing so, you can dream even bigger.

What do you love most about being a model?

I love how disciplined I’ve become at maintaining a lifestyle that serves me. I like to eat good, nutritious food. I’m mindful of what I watch, and what I read and I invest my time in doing what uplifts me. This includes beauty routines, studying my fashion icons, exercising, and practicing positive affirmations. The more I take care of myself, the more my confidence shines through. The outcome of each photoshoot is a direct reflection of my daily efforts leading up to the session. I’m always pleased with the end results and more importantly, I’m happy with how I look and feel. Modeling helped me reach a place of self-love and acceptance.

What fuels your imagination and provides you with inspiration?

I’m inspired by powerful women, more specifically, women of color who have challenged and shaped the modeling industry. Iman, one of my favorite supermodels, paved the way for models like myself. Her stunning editorials and fierce runway walk fuel my imagination during photoshoots. Her images are outstanding and unique, which inspires me to keep trying new styles. At a time when beauty brands never catered to black models, Iman created her own beauty line for all women of color. I’m inspired by women who take control of their destiny, women who are unapologetic in creating spaces for themselves, breaking barriers for generations to come.

What kind of life would you like to have?

A continuation of my current life with added features. I have long-term career goals that I am carefully strategizing to achieve and short-term daily goals I am currently executing. In the future, my ultimate plan is to enjoy all the seeds I’ve planted and reap the fruits of my labor with my loved ones. A life filled with love and an abundant amount of laughter. During the pandemic, I’m sure all of us took some time to reflect and hopefully prioritize what’s important to us. For me it’s family, as long as they’re with me, my future will always be bright.

If you could change something in the Modeling / Fashion world, what would it be?

In the modeling industry, I would like to see fashion executives make decisions with regard to creating diversity on all platforms. Casting directors should be encouraged to be more open-minded and include models who reflect the many beautiful cultures seen in our society. It’s up to leadership to make these changes and acknowledge that representation matters to consumers who are buying their merchandise.

What are the achievements you are proud of most today?

Apart from being on the cover of many international magazines, my biggest achievement is investing in myself. I made it my mission to dedicate my time to reach my full potential and in doing so, I gained further success. I practice daily mindfulness and my competitive nature helps me thrive. I’m very goal-oriented, and I work extremely hard in manifesting and accomplishing what I want to achieve.

What keeps you excited about life in general?

Being an international model excites me, you get opportunities to work with many different artists. To travel for a living is also a dream come true, not only are you working but you’re exploring cities and learning about new cultures. It’s a blessing to be able to do what you love.

What is the most challenging part of being a model?

It’s more of a work in progress than a challenge. I strive in loving every part of myself, it’s important for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The more I'm content and at peace, I can face any setbacks or challenges.

Looking back how has modeling experience changed your personal/professional life? Have you grown more comfortable with yourself since you have started?

Yes, absolutely. Modeling taught me to always have a schedule in place, even on my days off. I like to utilize my time wisely and this includes periods where I get to enjoy my own company too. I love studying editorials and reading fashion books.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

I post all of my latest international covers and high fashion editorials on my business Instagram account, @sahra_m3. It’s mostly used to showcase my published work and you can find numerous links to my interviews/biographies. My linktree account is also on my page, you can read and purchase my latest magazine covers, available in print and digitally worldwide.

Model: Sahra Mohamed @sahra_m3

Photographer: Elina Kustlyvy @kustlyvy_photo

model agency: World Management @worldmgmt


You can read The ARTIST ISSUE Vol. 384 here:



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