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Straight from the runway to you!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The winter season of fashion just ended last week with the Paris Fashion Week, an event filled with amazing looks by the best designers we know. But that’s not all – we also get to know what is going to be trending in the fashion and beauty department in the next months. And that’s exactly what we are going to talk about: the absolute best trend-makeup-looks from the runways.


First of all, let´s start with one the most important things for an amazing look: the eyes. We got some very different ideas for the eyes during the season, but they´re both beautiful and worthy of attention: the really powerful look, the all-you-need-is-less look and the re-invented black smokey eye look.

1. Being bold and creative with fun colors

Colorful looks are all over the place this season, so much that even Versace used it to beautify their models when presenting the maison´s last collection. Their lids were all tones of blue, red and so many more colors. And of course: we can also do it and use colorful eyeshadow to give the eyes a powerful look.

2. Clean face and even clear eyes

Other runways shows, such as Louis Vuitton’s, went for a more natural makeup look. The collection was presented by natural-looking models with little-to-no color in the eyes – and even the mascara was discrete. It creates a sober looking face, with all the beauty we get from keeping it natural.

3. The good old smokey eye, but make it modern

The black smokey eye is one of the most traditional makeup looks, and its popularity has a reason: it is easy to do and always turns out amazing. But, as everything else in the beauty industry, it has been changing a little within the years – but not losing its essence. The last fashion season showed us a smokey eye that is more-smokey-and-less-black, and we are already in love with it.


When it comes to makeup, the face is like a canvas that needs to be prepared to receive the art, and that’s why working in the skin is so important. It needs to be impeccable, whether it will be a super glam or a natural look. But right now, it´s all about making the skin look like healthy skin. Moisturizers are our best friends and the heavy-matte products are behind us – at least for the next few months.

Loved the tips and the photos here? You can always see more of it in the MALVIE magazine instagram @MALVIEmag and website!



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