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Summertime: It’s Never Too Soon To Start Thinking About It

'To keep a skincare routine and maintain a healthy skin doesn’t have to be something that takes you a lot of time and energy every morning and every night.'

Photographer/Retoucher: @efomicheva_photo⁠ Model: @morkva09⁠ Model: @naittymusic⁠ Makeup Artist: @makeup_ondi⁠ Model: @kak.caxapp⁠ Via @officialkavyar

I know we’re still going through cold weather, and we might still have some chilli moments - and by moments I mean months - ahead of us, but I would be lying if I said I don’t already have my mind on Summer. The sun, the mini dresses, the fresh air, the lightest makeup on a very prepared skin… Oh, I can feel it from here! And as you might have seen, I really focused on saying ‘really prepared skin’, and I did it on purpose. That’s our topic here today: how to prepare your skin for the weather change and how to maintain it during summer.

When summer arrives, we tend to forget about how we have a routine and how we are actually functioning humans - myself included, I know I love to turn off my mind and really focus on doing the bare minimum during the summer months. But that’s not really a good idea for every aspect of our lives, and some things have to stay in mind - even something that can be seen as forgettable and unimportant, like a skincare and beauty routine. I mean, I don’t know, we are living in a time where we are all obsessed with skincare and everyone acts like a professional now so it might not be a problem, but there’s no harm in saying it again - or as many times as necessary.

Photographer/Retoucher: @efomicheva_photo⁠ Model: @morkva09⁠ Model: @naittymusic⁠ Makeup Artist: @makeup_ondi⁠ Model: @kak.caxapp⁠ Via @officialkavyar

When we don’t have to follow a very strict schedule that sets us a time for waking up, a time for eating breakfast and even a specific amount of time for selfcare, it can be easy to slip out and skip our beauty routines - sometimes we just want to sleep for as long as we want to. Also, it’s a time when we can let go of our ‘everyday makeup look’ and wear little to no makeup everyday – if it ever comes to wearing a full face, it would be for some evening or night occasions - so one might think that it’s not that important to take care of the face skin if we are not putting a lot of makeup products on top of it, right? Well, I kind of get the pint, but it’s wrong. My point here really is to point to the fact that our skin goes through some changes at this time as it has to deal with the change of weather, so we might struggle to keep it as it normally is, and it can be very frustrating - and we’re avoiding frustration and any kind of stress during summer. So let’s get happy to hear that this is a struggle that can be avoided! Or at least minimized, but let’s say avoided to really get our hopes up on having clear, bright, even glass skin this summer. That’s actually why I’m reminding you four months in advance, so you’re welcome. Keep on reading as I tell you step by step how to make your skin barrier stronger and avoid any skin conditions in the coming months.

Photographer/Retoucher: @efomicheva_photo⁠ Model: @morkva09⁠ Model: @naittymusic⁠ Makeup Artist: @makeup_ondi⁠ Model: @kak.caxapp⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Stay hydrated

This one goes without saying - or at least it should go. Drink your minimum of four liters of water everyday, drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up, and all the other things I know you learned by wanting to be That Girl while watching TikTok. Those things are actually useful and can make you more ready and more prepared for what is probably your favorite season, so don’t skip hydration from the inside. Healthy skin is created from the inside. I know they promise a lot and I hate to be the one to tell you this but no skincare routine is miraculous enough to solve all problems alone if you don’t keep your body hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is always the best choice, and not just for your skin, your whole body - and even your mind - will feel better.

Keep your skin moisturized

I know I just said that no skincare tip will do everything you want alone, but this one here is the closest thing to a miracle that you’re going to find. Hydrated bodies create hydrated faces but it’s your job to keep it moisturized on the outside - you didn’t think it would be so easy as just drinking water, did you? You probably know about all the best moisturizers on the market by now, so find the one that best fits your skin type and objectives – it’s always a good idea to get some professional help anf go to a dermatologist to know it for sure and stay away from any breakouts - and use it everyday, twice a day actually, When you wake up and before you go to sleep - some people even choose to have a more potent one for the night routine. It will keep your skin bright at all times and avoid most of the oiliness that might be there on hot, sunny days. You’ll just get that glow that we all wish for.

Photographer/Retoucher: @efomicheva_photo⁠ Model: @morkva09⁠ Model: @naittymusic⁠ Makeup Artist: @makeup_ondi⁠ Model: @kak.caxapp⁠ Via @officialkavyar

Always wear sunscreen

This one can be a little hard as it needs to be a habit, and one that not all people understand. By now, I think we don’t have to argue anymore about how you should wear sunscreen indoors, right? Yes, whether you’re going out in the middle of the day or just planning on staying home all day, sunscreen is absolutely necessary everyday. Everyday. You’re already on skincare duty, so why not add this one step to it and protect your face from damage you don’t even know about? It will be the last step of your skincare, after washing your face with your favorite face soap and applying the moisturizer you chose after hours of scrolling through TikTok to find options - that’s what I do. Adding a layer of sunscreen at the end will keep you protected from all kinds of sun damage – which can happen at any place and time, not only on the outside.

To keep a skincare routine and maintain a healthy skin doesn’t have to be something that takes you a lot of time and energy every morning and every night, you don’t really need an eighteen step routine like the beauty influencers we follow - but it does seem very cool, I’ll give you that. Just make it simple and make it a time when you can enjoy your own company while doing something that will be great for you, I promise you won’t regret it. Also, you can thank me in a few months when summer arrives and you have little to no problems with your skin - you’re welcome!



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