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Tanya Panchikhina: The hardest part is fighting perfectionism

Tanya, tell us how you discovered photography?

I can't say that any particular event or person turned my life around and I became interested in photography. No, my story is not like that. She's pretty ordinary ...

Interest in photography arose 15 years ago, at first I photographed with an ordinary digital "soap box", took pictures of everything, it was like a hobby. Then it grew into a serious interest, and gradually I began to understand a lot. I'm actually self-taught as I haven't attended any photography courses or schools.

Now I am a photographer. But professional or non-professional - how can you tell? I try to convey more than just a visual image. And if people like it, then maybe this is an indicator of professionalism.

What do you think is the main thing in photography?

Idea and light, of course. Without them, nowhere. They are in one inseparable bundle.

Many photographers only care about technique and proper framing. Technically, they are professionals, but looking at these photos is not interesting. They lack meaning and feelings. But it also happens the other way around - the idea is great, but the photographer failed to convey it with light.

What genres do you photograph?

It is important for me that there is a person in the frame. Still life, landscape, macro - this is a little not for me.

I tried to shoot holidays, family and romantic stories, but over time I came to portrait and fashion photography. It is in this direction that I want to develop.

Where do you usually look for inspiration?

No matter how trite it may sound, I look for inspiration in paintings, in music, in nature, in the people around me ...

How did you create this wonderful piece?

Sometimes in flower shops, I mentally imagine what this flower would look like if it were a person. Yes, it sounds a little strange ... But this branch of chrysanthemum seemed special to me, I wanted to convey its “human” image. I think I did a good job since these photos were published in the magazine.

This is my first shooting in this style. In my creative photographs, I always try to put meaning, make riddles, I like this ambiguity of perception.

Maybe these "riddles" are not always successful, but I certainly strive for this.

Many thanks to my team: Vasilisa and Ksenia. I live in a small town and we really have few fans of our business and those who will understand you perfectly. The universe sent me just such people. And I am very happy.

Where and how do you select models for filming?

I have different models: there are professional ones, there are those who came to the shooting for the first time, and sometimes they are just clients of advertising shootings.

For me, the main criterion is the ability to be real.

I love that the types have changed now, and the typical appearance of the models has remained mainly in the field of cosmetics advertising, giving way to individuality and beauty not by the standard.

Also, I do not strive to photograph models who are filmed for everyone. I'm a little greedy here.

What do you think is the most difficult part of a photographer's life?

The hardest part is fighting perfectionism.

Sometimes I am very critical of my work, I know that this is typical for creative people, but this feeling prevents me from developing and growing.

What are your creative plans for the future?

I am interested in many things, but in photography I plan to develop towards conceptual photography. A photo that makes me think, look for answers (inside the frame and inside myself) - that's what is most important for me.

And, of course, like any artist, I would like to organize an exhibition of my work.

Where can our readers follow your work and contact you?

My personal Instagram account: @tanya.panchikhina

Photographer: Tanya Panchikhina @tanya.panchikhina
Model: Vasilisa Kirsh @vkirshh
Makeup Artist: Ksenia Zhuravleva @ksenia__zh

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