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The Art of Movement

Franco Sarto, a brand born of Italian shoemakers and rooted in artistry and craft, is raising the bar on footwear innovation with its newest FLEXA Collection: boots with contour, form, and flexibility like never before.

Inspired by historic shoemaking techniques originating from Bologna, the Franco Sarto design team takes flexible technology to new levels with an ultra-light, ultra-flexible shankless shoe construction with 7mm of luxurious handstitched foam for cloud-like cushioning and a contoured, glovelike fit unlike any other. The result: sleek, high-heeled styles with a destructed feel and tangibly increased comfort and flexibility like never before.

To embody the flexibility and contour of the FLEXA collection, we commissioned world-renowned Physical Poetry artist Erika Lemay in a gravity-defying performance, combining aerial artistry and awe-inspiring movement to put our FLEXA boots to the true test.

"Ultimately, details don't lie. I thought performing in high-heeled boots would be challenging. When I tried on the FLEXA boots and started moving, they felt like a second skin. They are so flexible and allow for full ankle movement. My foot felt supported even when suspended by one foot," shared Lemay

Fashion Designer/Accessory Designer: Franco Sarto @francosarto @Michele Marie PR

Model: Erika Lemay @erika.lemay


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