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The Brazilian TV Star Oscar Magrini

Oscar Magrini is simply one of the biggest stars of Brazilian television. Throughout his 60 years, he has dedicated his career to 32 years working on soap operas, films, series and other entertainment products. He has already seen his TV characters speaking in several languages, since Brazilian soap operas are world leaders in exports to the whole world, with Europe being one of the biggest consumers of this type of product. The TV and Cinema heartthrob has also acted in European productions, including films and soap operas in Spain and Portugal. In fact, in Portugal he is very recognized, he has already made numerous trips to the country and has new films to debut there very soon.

This June, Oscar Magrini came to Paris to host an award show to highlight internationally successful Brazilians. He presented a gala together with Brazilian presenter Antônia Fontenelle, another big name in the Brazilian industry, as well as an icon of internet culture in Brazil. The event took place on June 3 at the Hyatt Regence Hotel in the French capital and on the same day the actor posed for the lens of Brazilian photographer Rosivan Morais for a photo shoot in Paris for the cover of Malvie.

Author: Marco Fernandes

Model: Oscar Magrini

Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Photographer: Rosivan Morais @fotografoinparis

Fashion Designer: @Onlyformenarigor

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