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Vintage Vibrant Pink

How did your passion for modeling and acting begin, and what drew you to the world of theatre?

My passion for acting began when I was a child in school. I’ve always liked the idea of bringing a story to life. I began modeling when I was studying in Japan ever since then I love capturing moments of my life with photography.

As a local theatre actress, what are some of the challenges you face in bringing characters to life on stage, and how do you overcome them?

Stage acting can be a bit intimidating at first but the exhilaration I get from being on stage helps me with the confidence I need to portray those characters.

Can you share a bit about your experience as an artist and painter? How does your artistic background influence your modeling and acting work?

I’ve been creating art all my life. I received a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Missouri, and moved to San Francisco for my MFA. I love be able to create art with myself, the worlds work together well.

Collaboration is an essential part of creating artistic images. How do you approach collaborations with other artists, and what do you hope to achieve through this collaboration?

Collaborating with other artist is a great way to bounce ideas off each other and create something in a unique way that you wouldn’t have thought of by yourself.

What inspired you to choose a vintage vibrant Barbie pink theme for this collaboration? How do you plan to incorporate this theme into your modeling and acting?

I’ve always been attracted to vintage clothes and loving shooting it. With the new Barbie movie coming out it was an inspiration to create something of our own.

How important is it for you to work with a hairstylist and a makeup artist? How do you envision their contributions enhancing the overall concept of the project?

Working with a makeup and hair team makes the whole photoshoot go smooth and so much better. Everyone works together for the best outcome and we have a great time doing it. The photos wouldn’t be the same without them.

What are your creative goals and aspirations for this collaboration? Are there any specific artistic elements or techniques you would like to explore or experiment with?

With this collaboration, and any that I’ve ever done, I’m always hoping to learn something new and create something different .

How do you believe the combination of your talents and the expertise of the hairstylist and makeup artist will contribute to creating a visually stunning final result?

I feel this collaboration was a huge success, having so many creative minds working together

Collaboration often requires compromise and flexibility. How do you handle differing opinions or creative directions during the creative process?

Of course everyone has different opinions, but being able to take other peoples ideas into consideration and come to a compromise that everyone agrees to is an important aspect that every team needs

Looking ahead, how do you hope this collaboration will impact your career and artistic journey? Do you have any plans to continue exploring similar artistic themes in the future?

I will definitely continue exploring, similar artistic themes in the future. This collaboration has been a huge inspiration.

Stylist/Creative Director/Photographer: Christopher Otrebla @chris_otrebla

Hair Stylist: Norma Ramirez @normasmakeupdollhouse

Makeup Artist: Vibhuti Bhatt @pinkglam_by_vibhuti

Model: Brandi Ynocencio @jay_innocence


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23 ก.ค. 2566

Brandi, I’m so proud of you! It’s such a pleasure to work with you at the Studio, you have it all together! Love ya❣️



Rene Peraza
Rene Peraza
22 ก.ค. 2566

Brandi: having followed your visual arts career since our working together in 'Below Sycamore' at San Francisco's Shelton Theater (Actress Jean Shelton family owned and run at the time) in 2019, I've seen your growth as an artist — keep it going! René — aka Father Ruíz ;)

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