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Winners of Czech and Slovak Photogirl 2023 ! With Ambassador Jana Marvanová

Updated: Jan 27

Can you tell us about your current role and responsibilities at your model agency and events company?

My agency will be officially announced on 11.1. 2024 because it’s my birthday and it’s also my lucky number. I am the CEO of my company. I already worked on it the whole year 2023 - helping models, sending them to international competitions, and organizing so many events but it was always just me and that’s why I made decision to do my own brand and company.

I am responsible for the girls and their work. I am helping them to be ready and if something happens I help them. I do my best to always travel with them and I am with them during the work. Also, I am responsible for influencers of my clients choosing- I control photos, videos, and whole edit and help them also. But this is just a small procent of my business

How do you prepare and mentor girls for competitions, and what kind of opportunities do you provide for them?

Every girl is different and I always try to do the best for each other. Someone needs help with catwalk someone with the speech. I am also preparing with them some marketing strategy but sometimes the work must be done by them just like that you can know if they want it or not. I am helping them with designers, collaborating, and giving them opportunities and jobs. Everything is about communication so the girls also need to tell me what they want and about their dreams. Next year I would also love to do more modeling and social media workshops.

Congratulations on your achievement at the Miss Glamour Look international competition! Could you share your experience and how it has influenced your work?

Thank you so much. My experience started with traveling to Asia for the first time. The competition was in the Philippines. It’s such a beautiful country but also there is so many people who needs our help and I hope that I can help them more than bringing them some food. From the experience, I have firstly new amazing friends around the world and I think I have never seen such amazing girlhood! Everyone helped each other and was nice to each other. I wish people had some experience like this to see that with kindness you can do everything. During the competition I was chosen for the moderate international event Gusi Peace Price - it was such an honour for me and my country. I love to be a moderator so much and this experience helped me to push my career also in this way. When I was chosen as ambassador for Gusi Peace Price for Indonesia I felt shaken because I couldn’t believe it and it was such a strange situation to moderate an event and see my name on the list of ambassadors and I hope I will do the best for Indonesia and I can’t wait to be there. Another experience was winning the people’s choice - I feel so blessed for this award because people listen to my ideas and that’s something I pressured because if I can be heard and help at least one person my life has purpose and with this idea, I would also do my duties as 3rd runner up.

You mentioned being the 3rd runner-up at the competition. How has this recognition impacted your career and the opportunities you provide for others?

Firstly to become queen has some responsibility and also some role and work from beauty pageant. So next year I will travel a little bit more but traveling is my passion so I feel blessed. I will be part of the pageant as a judge around the world. There would be some photoshoots, commercials, and most important to me charity. Because of winning I also became the face of the brand Gusi which makes swimsuits, dresses, and fragrances. I already was making commercials for them. And I think more people will trust my experience and it could help me with the new project MJ Top Model. So I am really grateful for these results and I am also very proud of other girls and their titles.

It's inspiring to hear about your charity project. Could you tell us more about it and the motivation behind helping women who have experienced abuse?

I myself became a victim of domestic violence from my partner and unfortunately not just once. I was raped at 15 and kept it inside until my 20s when I found a girl who could work with me and get these dark memories out of me. But before that happened, I kept it all inside and didn't feel good enough. Based on that, I looked for toxic partners. The first had problems with alcohol and after that he was aggressive. The person who helped me out of this fearful relationship was my hero and it wasn't long before I fell in love and got together with him. Unfortunately, over time it turned out that he is even worse - jealous, aggressive, domineering. It finally got to the point where I was afraid for my life and the moment he threw me to the ground I realized I had to gather up the courage to leave. I want to help women so that no one experiences anything like this and if they do, so that they get the right help and preferably right away.

You mentioned that you changed your career from dancing to modeling due to health reasons. How has this transition shaped your perspective on the industry?

Dancing and any top sport has its pros and cons. Whenever you want to be the best at something, you have to give something and object to it, otherwise you won't get the result. Although it was difficult to leave this industry - I did not change my mind and told myself that it was meant to be.

Being featured in magazines in Czech and other countries is impressive. Could you share some highlights or memorable moments from these experiences?

My most powerful experience was when I bought the magazine I was in for the first time at the airport. In short, it was a dream come true, but I'm not giving up and I'm moving on. I love my job and I am grateful to be able to meet important people and artists - whether it is in the field of fashion or photography. As soon as I'm in front of the camera, I feel great about myself and my body, even if I don't meet the standards of model beauty. So don't give up on your dreams, even if no one says it won't happen.

In addition to your modeling work, you mentioned doing fashion shows. What do you enjoy most about participating in fashion shows, and how do you approach them?

My approach to fashion shows is simple, no matter what clothes or make-up I have, I represent creators, designers, and make-up artists, they all know what to do and have a vision and I believe in it. I am the most professional, honestly, I am also very excited and grateful for the opportunity. Also, if there is a need to help somewhere - I go and do it because we all want everything to turn out brilliantly. I love it.

Your commitment to inspiring girls who may not fit the traditional modeling standards is commendable. Can you share more about your efforts in this regard?

I try to motivate girls through social networks, through interviews, and every public speech I have. I remember when I started down this path and heard the taunts that I was small and too feminine. It hurt, but I had it in my head that if I could dream it, I could do it. It's a lot about your own work and morals, but it's not impossible. I think it's because I'm honest and don't give up that girls listen. That's why I'm founding MJ Top Models and maybe one day my own competition.

How do you use your Instagram platform to provide motivation to others, and what kind of content do you typically share?

I enjoy creating videos most of all, whether from travel, competitions, photo shoots, shows, and so on. I talk mostly through stories and I'm an open book. I always answer everything and help and advise when I can. I think that people are not so shy through messages, so I give them the opportunity to write about anything.

You mentioned that your life has a purpose if you can touch even one heart. Could you share a specific instance where you felt you made a significant impact on someone's life through your work?

Whenever someone writes to me or tells me that I inspired them to change something in their life. I appreciate it incredibly. I always say I'm the girl who quit her job to live and I think everyone should live life to the fullest. That means a lot to me is when someone admits that they are struggling with the same problem as I was in the past, whether it's health, relationship, or domestic violence - it takes a lot of courage to confide and I respect that. I would be happy not only to advise at that moment but to come or help with the appropriate steps.

Balancing a model agency, events company, charity project, and personal experiences can be challenging. How do you manage your time effectively to handle these diverse responsibilities?

Well, the foundation stone is laid by my college, where there is a fixed schedule, more specifically the exam period. What I rely on a lot is a paper diary, I wouldn't be without it - I write everything down, and use highlighters, and stickers. I am also on the manifestation boards, through which I determine the priorities for the year and then plan and fulfill everything. Sometimes, however, an unexpected trip or casting comes along and everything has to change. It's challenging, but I like it that way. When the mind is busy, it has no time to worry.

What advice do you have for aspiring models, especially those facing challenges or insecurities about their height?

If you don't try anything, you won't experience anything, and if you hear no, you're talking to the wrong person. Even if it's hard, don't give up.

Can you share any upcoming projects or goals you have for your model agency, events company, or personal career?

From the whole side, I wish that in 2024 I will work with great people again, have the opportunity to take photos for magazines, and campaigns, be part of fashion shows, and help other girls. As far as I know for sure, we can look forward to Terezka Sabačková's show together, in which I participate in the creation of the event, help with the models, and choreography, and I will go to the show myself. I have responsibilities for placing at Miss Glamor Look, I am preparing workshops and I am already preparing two girls for the world competition. There is a lot and I have various surprises. Anyway, I work up for everything.

How do you envision the future of your career, and what legacy do you hope to leave in the modeling and events industry?

I hope to leave behind a safe industry for models and contestants where they don't have to fear sexual harassment and be themselves. I hope that with my foundation I will help many women and men who may also be affected by violence. And in modeling, I will go down as a girl with a big dream who managed to do it after all.


Model/Creative Director: Jana Marvanová @marvankajein

Model: Jana Šlebodová @jankaslebodova

Model: Katrin Hausnerová @katrin.hausnerova

Model: Aneta Štebih @mom_aneeta

Model: Lenka Chromá @lenkachroma

Makeup Artist: Viktoreniak Braids @viktoreniak_hairstylist

Makeup Artist: Maksym Uibari @makxon_mua

Fashion Designer: Tereza Sabáčková @terezasabackova

Accessory Designer: Bergl Diamonds @bergldiamonds

Sponsor: @tayllorcox



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