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Humans have long made numerous attempts to survive the cold of this winter weather, and in modern times, they endure winter through heating and thick coats. I think winter weather is a challenge for humans. I think it's a lesson that nature gives us, and I think it's to let you know that after overcoming hardships, a day like spring comes at the end of which flowers bloom. Winter comes to everyone in life. As of now, we have been spending a winter called COVID-19, and looking at the long winter, we are enduring the cold in Seoul, thinking about this spring someday. Just as spring comes when flowers bloom, the end of COVID-19 will also welcome us, and that day will be a world-class anniversary.

Since humans are weak animals, they learn how to overcome them. To prevent this from being reversed again, a person leaves it in writing and engraves it as a lesson. It is not now, but it is to hand it over to descendants and tell them how they overcame the winter. They hand over their experiences and records to future generations in the belief that they can overcome the winter trials that they could not overcome then someday. Although they failed to overcome the ordeal of winter and lost the flower, they became a cornerstone that strengthened the next generation. Trials and winters have been overcome in that way and we have lived in modern times like this.

It was autumn when autumn leaves fell the day before yesterday, but the wind gradually wraps around the cold in its body and begins to visit us. Winter has come. Unlike yesterday's fall, when we walked around wearing light coats because it was hot during the day and threw away the coats when the sun was in the middle of the day, now the wind that cannot withstand even light outerwear welcomes us. People are now slowly starting to take out their coats and wrap themselves up. Winter has come. I think this winter will be colder than usual. The devastated bodies of those left behind in the world swept by COVID-19 will be a different pain from previous years to overcome the winter cold.

A coat has a shield dynamics that keeps people out of the cold, but it cannot protect their faces. Therefore, people wear accessories that can protect their hair, such as beanies. There are people who have doubts about whether wearing a hat can get out of the cold, but surprisingly, its role plays a big role. The hat I see a lot this year is a short beanie. Unlike beanies that stretch at the back as before, beanies that fit perfectly on the head show us that we can style our fashion.

The face shows the inside of a person. The man who looks at something with a dim eye is looking at the world with only a hat on. Somehow, along with the desire to overcome the cold, the feeling of being exhausted is also seen. However, he is naked, but wearing a hat shows that he has not given up yet. What can we think of while looking at him?

You will be able to learn to find hope and stand up again by looking at the beanie you are wearing for the faint possibility of spring that will come after overcoming the cold someday. The white beanie somehow makes people white, and the black hat somehow highlights people more. Perhaps the hats, along with the straight eyes shown in the reminded eyes, are conveying their will to this man.

Model: SEONG HYEOK J @seunghyeog_jo

Photographer: Young U Nam @haribo_photo


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