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Yuriy Belozerov: I have the opportunity to do what you really like every day, learn, and improve.

Photographer: Yuriy Belozerov @ph.belozerov.pxs Model: Anna Kolesnichenko @annkoleso
Photographer: Yuriy Belozerov @ph.belozerov.pxs Model: Anna Kolesnichenko @annkoleso

When did your passion for photography start and what were the main milestones that turned you into the artist you currently are?

My passion for photography started in 2010. Then I bought my first camera. From the very beginning, I realized that I like photographing people the most. Portrait as a genre of photography has become a key defining feature of me as a photographer.

We admire the exquisite level of detail in all your works. Does your creative process start from a certain image in your mind, or do you seek inspiration as you progress?

Thank you so much! My creative and work process always begins with meeting and communicating with a person (model). Studying him as a person and his character helps me create an interesting image for photography. However, inspiration and new ideas come already in the work process.

You have created a unique artistic style. Tell us about it and how you developed it.

Honestly, there is no uniqueness here. It's like a person's emphasis - it is different for everyone. I am inspired by an image, person or idea. The unique style is personality.

As the expert you are, what are the unique features of this kind of photography and the keys to master it?

The uniqueness lies in who and how is depicted in the photograph I took. I love when the viewer experiences emotions and inspiration while looking at the image. The key to improvement is constantly working on yourself and the quality of your photography.

How has photography influenced you as a person and what do you love most about being a photographer?

Photography has influenced me in a positive way and changed my life. First of all, this is the realization of oneself as a creative person. The opportunity to do what you really like every day, learn, develop and improve. In my profession, I enjoy the opportunity to be free, from communication with people and the results that we achieve together.

You are going about conducting a photo shoot, could you take us through the typical planning process for your images?

There are 2 main options. The first is when there is an idea (concept) and I select a model suitable for this role based on external data and character. The second is when for a specific model I prepare an idea and images for photography and we discuss everything in detail in advance. Preparation for work is very thorough. Selection of a studio or street location, connection of makeup artists and stylists. At the end of the work, we make a selection of the best photos and post-processing for publication on social media. networks and magazines.

How do you manage to make your models feel comfortable in front of the camera?

The thing is that my model feels comfortable not in front of the camera, but in front of me. Friendly light communication before and on time of shooting + a sense of humor greatly helps to establish the necessary contact.

What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

My main advice is to practice a lot. Everyday. It doesn't matter what exactly he will photograph the main thing on a regular basis. Plus, it is necessary to study the work of famous photographers, watch movies. Look for your style and direction. There will definitely be a result. Everything has its time.

What exciting new project should we expect from you in the future?

I think it will be a beautiful spring beauty shoot with flowers. And something new and unusual. I will keep the details secret :)

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

I regularly post my work on social networks. My instagram @ph.belozerov.pxs.

Website and www.


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