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Candy strips

Introducing the 'Candy Strips' - - -

makeup look, which was born out of my love for creativity and inspired by the vibrant Vidal rainbow strip candies. While initially planning for a different concept, a stroke of inspiration led me to realize that my long-forgotten party backdrop, adorned with candy strip-like fringes, would be the perfect match for this makeup.

Without hesitation, I retrieved the backdrop from my cupboard and wrapped it around Akriti, our stunning model. To ensure its secure placement, we used Bobby pins near her hair, allowing the backdrop to stay in place flawlessly. Incorporating 4-5 of those backdrop fringe lines, the final result was nothing short of perfection.

This experience reminded me once again of how art can be found in every corner of our lives, and how we have the power to create anything our imagination desires. The 'Candy Strips' makeup look truly showcases the boundless creative possibilities that surround us. Embrace the beauty of art in unexpected places and let your creativity soar.


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