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Fernando Seabra & "Bora Fazer": The Passion and Vision Reshaping the World of Business

Fernando Seabra is an expert in digital innovation and a driver of entrepreneurship in Brazil. He is the founder of a movement that captures the attention of the world. The "Bora Fazer" is a community that not only celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit but also embodies the passion and determination of the Brazilian people as they venture into business.

With its phenomenal expansion and now making its presence felt even on the sophisticated streets of Paris, this community is a testament to both the resilience and innovation of its members. In this exclusive interview for Malvie Magazine, we dive deep into the heart of "Bora Fazer," exploring its origins, aspirations, and the vision of its charismatic leader who believes in the power of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the profound impact of genuine connections. Join us as we embark on this enlightening journey, uncovering the essence of a movement that is reshaping the landscape of global entrepreneurship.

In Paris, the ambassador of the ''Bora Fazer'' movement is Edis Lima. A very influential Brazilian in the Brazilian community in France, who now uses her local popularity to further increase this community in the country. Although it is focused on Brazilians, ''Bora Fazer'' is an example to be followed by entrepreneurs of all nationalities. By the way, ''Bora Fazer'' means ''Let's do it''.

See our exclusive interview with Fernando Seabra:

Bora Fazer has grown rapidly and has become the largest community of Brazilian entrepreneurs in the world. How have you dealt with the challenges of managing such a large and diverse community?

Every management process becomes easier when we rely on the Power of Collaboration and use technology to our advantage for interactions and knowledge sharing. This happens voluntarily within the BoraFazer Nation, where members and Ambassadors around the world, foster our community by creating and consuming entrepreneurial content.

You could be traveling and enjoying life, but you chose to dedicate yourself to promoting entrepreneurship. What is your motivation as the leader of an entrepreneurial community?

My mission has been to inspire others, especially entrepreneurs, to find their paths so that they can be happier in their personal and professional lives. Discovering "who we are" and "why we are" are pillars for each of us finding our truth. This truth is the cornerstone of our journeys. My motivation lies there, in that moment when I help people discover their truths, which, according to my Theory of Encounter, is composed of the trinity: essence, vocation, and day one. For me, the trinity is: Fernando Seabra = Share + Educate + Power of Relationships.

You created a Brazilian community that has now spread worldwide and has just arrived in France. Did you imagine you would reach so many people so quickly?

The pursuit of knowledge and the desire to truly learn is natural in humans. Despite this natural inclination, the rapid growth of BoraFazer Nation was surprising and shows how Brazilians are a unique people, keen to share and create genuine connections. Being able to bring the soul and execution of what we do to Brazilians living in France is a great satisfaction, and I'm sure we have much to teach and especially to learn from our Brazilian friends.

Many Bora Fazer members live outside Brazil. Do you believe this is part of a search for better social conditions to start a business?

Less than 6 months after its launch, Clube BoraFazer already has members in over 20 countries. Yes, most of us are looking for new knowledge to start a business better, whether inside or outside the country. One of the fantastic aspects that the Club offers its members is bringing together Brazilians who are so different from each other but all with the same potential to learn and teach among themselves.

What are your main memories when it comes to France?

French culture reminds me of the best in gastronomy, wines, and the art of relating.

What are your favorite places in France?

When I was 20 years old, I was fortunate to spend 3 months in Paris learning the French language, so I have a special affection for the City of Lights, which welcomed me warmly and showed me culture and history on every corner.

Can you leave a message for Malvie readers?

I invite Malvie readers to participate in our free online events, whether it's the BoraFazer Talks, a content delivery event, or the BoraFazer Meetup, a sustainable networking event. The best way to get to know our Nation is to experience the events created by us. Become a member for free at the link

Publication/Photographer: Marco Fer

Model: Fernando Seabra @fernando.seabra

Photographer: Danilo Friedl @danilofriedlfotografia

Edis Lima @beminparis



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