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From Runways to Book Signings: An Exclusive Interview with Steph Adams on Balancing Fashion, Literature, and Philanthropy

Your career has spanned various fields including literature, fashion, and philanthropy. How do you manage to balance these diverse roles and excel in each?

When I am working toward a book deadline, I try to focus solely on this. The most challenging is when I have events on and book deadlines as this can be quite stressful. It’s become a multi-faceted career in which different skills are needed, from modelling for magazine covers, attending red carpets and doing various interviews from radio and tv, as well as art directing shoots and publishing books. Each event I attend presents different opportunities to interview and feature different women in my books, which is why I love what I do, so even when it does become challenging, it is still something I enjoy.

You began your modeling career at a young age and transitioned into other influential roles. What motivated you to make these transitions, and how did your early experiences shape your career?

It was difficult to transition at first but now that I have come full circle and I’m still using all these skills, I see why it was so necessary to go through each phase of my career. Sometimes we just need to trust the process and the journey.

With fourteen books to your name and numerous awards, what inspires your writing, particularly your focus on women's empowerment and inclusivity?

I’m genuinely inspired by different women’s stories. I think we can always learn more from the women around us and for me it’s a huge passion to keep writing and producing books on women to inspire the next generation.

Your work has been recognized globally, with appearances on billboards and magazine covers worldwide. How do you stay grounded amidst such widespread acclaim?

I keep myself grounded by spending time in nature, daily fitness and taking time out for self-care and living a healthy lifestyle.

As an art director for top publications and retail giants, how do you approach creative projects to ensure they resonate with diverse audiences?

It’s what I have been trained to do, as an Art Director, when I worked in publishing for Marie Claire, Belle Magazine, Elle and Harpers Bazaar, I was coming up with creative executions for different brands and winning most of the accounts in the advertising department. So it was a natural progression.

Your commitment to charity and empowerment initiatives is well-documented. Can you share a particularly memorable experience from your philanthropic efforts?

I have worked with many breast cancer charities, and have used my platform to help raise awareness. From charities that serve the deaf and blind children, wildlife, climate change, aids charities and families who are less fortunate.

Having interviewed over 300 influential figures, what common traits or qualities do you find in people who drive significant change in the world?

All these women are driven to make a difference. They stay positive and live healthy lives. They surround themselves with positive, like minded people and stay motivated to keep moving forward.

In the digital age, how do you leverage technology and social media to further your work and connect with a global audience?

Social media serves as a business card, but ultimately it’s not that alone that will open up doors for yourself. It’s what you do, who you are and what you can bring to the table that will ultimately open up the most doors for you to become successful in your life.

Fashion is a significant part of your career. How do you see the industry evolving, particularly in terms of sustainability and inclusivity?

The industry is evolving rapidly and is constantly changing. I think by remaining who you are and being true to yourself is still important today as it ever was. Having your own sense of style and what you bring to the table will ultimately change the success you have within the digital landscape. Just remain true to yourself by following your passions and your own skills.

Your journey began in Perth, Western Australia. How has your background and upbringing influenced your approach to your multifaceted career?

I grew up surrounded by family and my Grandfather played a prominent role in what inspired me to become what I am today. He was a Queens Counsellor who brought the drinking age down from 21 to 18 in Australia and was often giving advice to politicians. He was a man of morals and had a great work ethic.

What advice would you give to young women aspiring to enter the fields of fashion, literature, or any male-dominated industry?

The future is looking more bright for women than it ever was before. Women are designing a better future for themselves and are carving out new roles in politics to journalism, fashion, philanthropy, business and entrepreneurship and are re-defining a whole new landscape, showing us the resilience and perserverance that we need to keep going.

Looking ahead, what are your future plans and aspirations, both personally and professionally, as you continue to inspire and empower others?

My future plans and aspirations are to continue the work I do by uplifting the women around me and to keep inspiring the next generation.

Model: Steph Adams @stephadams2012

Makeup Artist: Falak Amaar @falakamaar

Makeup Artist: Julia Leshanich @loca_mocca_makeup_

PR & Media: Roger Fordham @stephadams2012

Photographer: Jose Jeuland @josejeuland



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