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From Top Model to TV Sensation: Cecilia De Liberti's Journey Through Fashion, Music, and Television

You began your career as a professional model at the age of 12. What inspired you to start modeling at such a young age?

That's right, I started my modeling career at a very young age. In fact, I was born with this imprint of an artist. When I was very little, around 4 years old, I liked to participate in festivals where my parents made me costumes for children's festivals. By the time I was 12, I began my professional career as a top model.

That mainly inspired me to keep going as a model. I fought against all the bullying I faced at school just because my appearance stood out. They made me suffer a lot, but that bullying worked in my favor and made me stronger. I never gave up on my dreams and aimed for more.

At 18, you transitioned from modeling to becoming a TV presenter. How did that shift happen, and what challenges did you face during that transition?

Yes, at 18, I transitioned from being a model to a television presenter. An independent Mexican producer based in Argentina trusted me and my talent to be part of his television program in Buenos Aires. It was the beginning of a wonderful career as a television presenter in Argentina. It was another dream come true to be on television with the show "Prima Donna Magazine" on the Artear Metro channel. It was a Fashion and Entertainment program, a very big challenge for someone my age. With dedication, persistence, and a lot of study, I achieved it, marking a significant turning point in my professional life as an artist.

You've lived in Milan, Italy, for 13 years. How has this city influenced your career and personal life?

That's right. It was very difficult to move to another country, but due to the economic and security situation in Buenos Aires, I decided to leave Argentina and travel to Europe. In Milan, I feel very comfortable. People received me very well, and my artistic work is improving every day. It's just a matter of time and the opportunities that arise. Personally, I am very happy and have met wonderful people from Italy and other countries, such as the Turkish actor UGUR GÜNEŞ from the famous telenovela "TERRA MARA" and the Italian singer EROS RAMAZZOTTI. We are great friends and colleagues in music. I am in love with Europe.

You started with music at a very early age, around 4 years old. How did this happen?

My mother Irma discovered that I secretly played an instrument called "Pianica," which belonged to my brother Dulio, who was also a musician. From a young age, I showed signs of being an artist—it was in my blood. As I grew up, I formed a musical band called "WHITE MAGIA" during my adolescence, and we did very well for several years. However, I had to leave my hometown "Maipú" for my university studies, which meant leaving the band. After finishing my studies in La Plata, I restarted my artistic career as a singer. In 2017, I released my first single and have been making music ever since. This year, I released a new single with the Italian singer Lele Joop and his producer Tony Laces, called "Adesso mi vuoi," which has been a huge success in Italy.

You're currently the host of the Italian Reality Show "Models Runway Academy." Can you tell us more about your experience hosting this show?

Yes, I am the host of this Italian reality show, which has been a great experience in my professional career. It has given me the opportunity to become more popular as a presenter on Italian television. The show involves 12 participants who must pass certain tests set by the “Models Runway Academy.” The winner will transform into an international top model. It's a reality show filled with emotions, rivalries, hard days, and fun moments. It's captivating for viewers, and it's a pleasure to work with producer GIANCARLO PRESUTTO and his entire team.

In 2024, you released the single "ADESSO MI VUOI" with Lele Joop. How was the experience collaborating with him and producer Tony Laces?

It was my first musical collaboration with an Italian singer, Lele Joop, and producer Tony Laces. It was incredible to work together; they are geniuses in dance music, and I really enjoyed this musical genre.

You won the Gold Lighthouse Award in 2015 for your work as a television presenter. How did it feel to receive such a prestigious award?

Receiving the Golden Lighthouse award was impressive, recognizing my career as a television presenter in Argentine National Television. This great award gave me more security in my artistic career.

You've participated in several reality shows and even won one for Best Voice and Charisma. How have these experiences impacted your career?

Every positive step in my artistic career, the awards, and the reality shows I've participated in have greatly increased my international popularity. The affection from people is incredible, and I am very happy about that.

You've paraded for some of the most important designers in Argentina and the world. What have been some of your most memorable moments on the runway?

The highlights of my shows include the closing of Fashion Week in Argentina with designer Francisco Ayala, the closing of Fashion Week in Milan with the MAX MARA brand, the closing of Fashion Week in Venezuela with designer Angel Sánchez, and the closing of Argentina Look fashion show with designer Jorge Ibáñez. These moments are very memorable, but I could name many more.

Your musical genre includes pop and reggaeton in both Spanish and Italian. How do you navigate performing in two languages, and how has it expanded your audience?

My main language for singing is Spanish, but gradually I started singing in Italian as well. The audience adapted and liked the idea of my songs in two languages. Very soon, I will also be singing in English.

You've mentioned that your parents influenced you significantly. Can you elaborate on that?

I grew up watching my parents work very hard to provide for us, as we were five siblings. I saw that nothing was easy for my parents, and everything they did involved a lot of effort and sacrifices. I was fortunate to grow up with many values and an incredible education, thanks to my parents Irma Vidal and Rodolfo De Liberti. They shaped me into the woman I am today. I am generous, and affectionate, and love animals. Above all, I have a noble heart.

With such a diverse and accomplished career, what are your future goals and aspirations, both professionally and personally?

First of all, thank you for this beautiful interview. In my personal life, I am doing well, but I really want to be a mother in the not-too-distant future (laughs). Professionally, I am working on an Italian film and recording series for major platforms like Amazon and Netflix. I will also start recording a docu-film about my life with an Italian producer. I am always open to new job proposals. I am a feisty, enterprising, and very dreamy woman!

Makeup Artist: Yuliia Storozhenko

Fashion Designer: Mark Ellis @marcellisnewyork

Accessory Designer: @Marcocerulloboutique

Hair Stylist: Bellezza Studio Milano @bellezzastudio.oficial

Photographer: Rocco Lucia @fotografandodiroccolucia

Model: Cecilia De Liberti @ceciliadeliberti.oficial

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