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Lorrayne Costa: Couture Seduction

What inspired you to pursue a career in the aviation industry, specifically as a flight attendant?

To be quite honest I didn't feel like I fit in anywhere, I started to attend some colleges but I didn't like anything I did. I've always been thirsty to travel, live abroad, meet different people... When I started my flight attendant course I fell in love with every subject and every detail, I liked studying everything from meteorology to the laws of aviation.

Can you share with us the story of how you discovered your passion for modeling during a photo shoot for your flight attendant resume?

First time I was in a studio was when I was a kid but I hated it as I found it very boring and I wanted to play, when I went to do my CV for the flight attendant I had to take professional photos but instead of going to a stationery store or express photos I went to a studio and did a whole super professional production and I felt very comfortable in front of the cameras but I couldn't do so many movements since it should have been a serious photo. I really found out that I liked being a model when a friend did a Boudoir shoot and I loved the result so I also did one and discovered my passion, that was in 2018 and I was only 22 years old.

What prompted you to move to the United Kingdom, and how did this change the trajectory of your career?

I came to the UK to work as an au pair and initially lived in Newmarket outside of London. After my grandmother's death, I was feeling lost, at the time I was working in a Chinese oil company and I wasn't happy with the executive secretarial college or with my job, so since in Brazil there were no opportunities for the flight attendant and I had already tried a few times to work with Emirates but my English was not very good, I thought about the possibility of improving my English and trying the interview in London or Dubai to work with emirates but of course none of that worked right and nowadays I'm on a completely different path

How did you initially get connected with photographers and other industry professionals in the UK?

I don't remember exactly how it started, I believe that on someone's recommendation, I built my portfolio but also Pierre Garroudi reached me on instagram inviting me to a Fashion mob during the week of london fashion week, he had an issue with the space and we had to do the show on the street and through that day I met several nice models and many photographers which in the future was great because I received products to advertise on instagram but I didn't want to escape the model image so these photographers took pictures of me using the products so i could advertise as influence and they used them on their portfolio too

Can you talk about some of the challenges you faced as a model, particularly as a Latin woman with curves in an industry that has traditionally prioritized a certain body type?

Many difficulties because most of the jobs and opportunities I receive are focused on my body, most of the time they are lingerie, very tight dresses, something more revealing. Sometimes I also felt uncomfortable with photographers who looked at my body and were not professional or even wanted to touch me with some excuse that it was to adjust some part of my clothes and etc. I tried to work with some brands and went to some castings but it was very visible that they prioritize thin and tall girls, some brands preserve this idea until today

Can you tell us about a particularly memorable photoshoot or campaign you have worked on?

My favorite photoshoot was definitely when I shot with Leon Cipriano amazing photographer such an artist, I received a lingerie from Savage x fenty by rihanna and again I didn't want to do something generic, or a tiktok dance or a reels instagram transition. I always try to transform influencer work with a modeling touch and we did an incredible shoot, tiring but fun and the result was loved by everyone. The makeup was perfect, the outfit I received too, warm colors, team was amazing and extremely creative. It took more than 5 hours of work but it was really worth it.

What advice would you give to aspiring models or influencers, particularly those who may not fit the traditional mold of what the industry considers desirable?

if you want to get into this very competitive industry of influencers and models, you shouldn't limit yourself thinking that they only hire tall, thin and standard people, I say this because it was a thought that restricted me a lot and I almost ended up giving up following my passion for not finding that I fit. In commercial modeling, there's room for all, be confident, train in front of the mirror, know your body, angles, don't be shy, Know your look, accept your look, embrace your look. Search for brands that explore all body types, as an influencer I also recommend not focusing only on money but working with brands and products that you really like and the public can see that you are really being truthful in your review. There's nothing worse than preparing content where you know the product sucks and still fooling your followers.

Model: Lorrayne Costa @lolapcosta

Photographer: Leon Cipriano @leonciprianophoto

Makeup Artist: Benjamin Forst @benni_mua

Hair Stylist: Amber Childs @amberchildsofficial



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