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Madina: When all the team members put their souls in their work, the result is always high

Photographer: Madina Abdurakhmonova
Model: Kamila @Art Models Agency & School
Model: Ekaterina Chebotaryova  @Art Models Agency & School
Makeup Artist: Eleonora Gazaryan
dresses - @velvet_dresses
jewelery - @ziragim_store
hats - @mon_bon_accessories

When did your passion for photography start and what were the main milestones that turned you into the artist you currently are?

I’m a creative person by nature. I’ve always been drawn to art. Since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in fashion, design, drawing, acting and, of course, photography. But my passionate love of photography began in my student years, when in our city there were very few good photographers and they had incredible prices for shooting. So I decided to link fashion and photography, and became a fashion photographer

What's the best part of being a photographer?

To create, to implement the most unreal ideas, to create a picture, to create beauty

What is it like being a female photographer in a field dominated by men?

I’ve never had such a problem. Being a woman never stopped me from creating

Do you remember your first paid photography gig? How did it go?

I remember! ) And it wasn’t really a fashion shoot. I took a picture of a very beautiful family, and it cost me $50. That was the first money I ever made as a photographer

What gives you ideas and what inspires you to create your beautiful images?

Everything. It can be an interesting location, a beautiful picture on social media, or an interesting outfit, sometimes even someone’s love story

How long does a shoot day typically last and what is the preparation like?

It’s always different. Sometimes it lasts two hours, sometimes it takes a whole day. But preparation can take weeks, and that’s the hardest part of shooting

What from your point of view makes the shoot successful?

Good teamwork. When all the team members put their souls in their work, the result is always high

How has photography influenced or changed you as a person?

Photography confronts me with so many new people, and everyone has a unique personality, and I’ve learned to understand them, I’ve learned to compromise with them, have learned to control my pride

Can you name a single work that has resonated with you emotionally? Why?

There is no one picture. The work of photographer Nima Benati is very inspiring. She has wonderful taste and vision

What projects are you working on next, and what are your goals for the future?

At the moment there are going to be a couple of creative shots on free theme, and a photo session of lookbook for famous domestic brand

Where can we see more of your works and get connected with you?

On my Instagram pages (work page @bymaab & private page @madina_abdurakhman)



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