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Magda Martinak: Inspiration is everywhere

Photographer: Magda Martinak @magdamartinak
Makeup Artist: Amely Isabel Nestl @_madamely_
Model: Tamara Scheifinger @tami_2803

When did your passion for photography start and what were the main milestones that turned you into the artist you currently are?

My interest in photography started at an early age. When I was a child, I would borrow my parent's camera and take pictures of my surroundings. As a teenager, I got my first own DSLR and started experimenting a lot with self-portraits and photoshoots with my friends. I think the biggest milestone for my artistic understanding was going to art university, where I get to meet and exchange thoughts with people that shared my interests and took my passion seriously.

We admire the exquisite level of detail in all your works. Does your creative process start from a certain image in your mind, or do you seek inspiration as you progress?

It’s definitely a mix of both. Usually, I do have some pictures and a concept in mind but I’m always leaving room for experiments and spontaneous ideas. Some of my favorite shots were actually created after all the pictures I planned out were done and we started to explore what else we could try out.

As the expert you are, what are the unique features of this kind of photography and the keys to master it?

I think in Fashion Photography everything’s about the details. So taking care that everything in the Styling is planned out and perfect is a crucial part of the process. Once I get a nice composition in my shot, I try to take a few more pictures of the same motif, correcting everything that may disrupt the image, like messy hair parts or the positioning of the model's fingers, etc.

Could you share how you expand your vision of art, as a photographer?

Inspiration is everywhere. I love to watch good films, visit exhibitions, read a lot and also get a knowledge of the theory behind things. Understanding political and social structures play a big part in understanding different ideas behind artworks as well.

How do you manage to make your models feel comfortable in front of the camera?

We talk a lot. I learned that - as everywhere - communication is key when working with models. Before the shoot I brief all my ideas, so we have a collective goal to work on. While shooting I give a lot of directions and most importantly tell the models, when they’re doing great. Modeling is a really hard job and I would recommend every photographer to try it out at least one time in their life, to get an insight in the work and become more empathetic towards the models.

Describe please a day at a shoot, what happens and what is the trick to capturing a great shot?

Usually we start with the make-up, during which it’s nice to have a chat with the whole team to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Then we turn on some music, set up the lights, and start shooting. The goal mostly is to create something I haven’t seen before, to be somehow innovative. One of the tricks, at least for me, is to think beforehand what kind of mood the pictures should transport, and communicating this with the whole team.

What do you look for in a creative team? What key skills are you looking for to ensure you are picking the best artists to work with?

The most important thing I look for is a common aesthetic. Making sure we like the same style and enjoy each other's work. Then in make-up artists, I especially pay attention that they can do a good natural-looking skin make-up. And for models, I want to look for people, who can show a range of different emotions in shootings.

What has been the highlight of your career so far and what are your hopes/dreams for the future?

That’s a tough question since I’m just starting out. One of the highlights was definitely becoming self-employed and creating a nice home photo studio and atelier together with my boyfriend. A dream of mine would be a cover shoot for Vogue, but that's a big goal for me, in general, is bringing more diversity into the scene, by hopefully working with a lot of unique and non-stereotypical models.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

You can always find new work and look behind the scenes on my instagram: @magdamartinak

I’m also launching my website in two weeks:



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