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Maria Claudia Martins: La confiance c'est la mode !

Maria Claudia wants the world to talk about wellness:

Brazil is a world leader in Wellness and dialogue on behavioral issues. This discussion is increasingly inserted within companies and has become a routine subject in the digital media and press of this large country located in South America.

Motivation has never been higher inside the companies, which have discovered that with passion, productivity is much higher. If you visited Brazil before the pandemic and return now, you will notice a big difference! People woke up, decided to stop waiting for government solutions and decided to use technology and information to change lives and transform businesses considering a policy related to empathy, development, career paths and so on.

As one of the central characters in this Brazilian turnaround in search of success, Brazilian Maria Claudia Martins is an example of this reality. Psychologist, MBA in people management and CEO of a large people management group, she is known for taking policies to value the human being and representativeness in a true context within companies and has become recognized for that! She also helped thousands of people go to digital work during the pandemic, which earned her the position on the list of the 17 most important people in technology in Brazil in 2021, for her contribution to Brazilian society in adapting the home office style.

Maria Claudia wants to change the world and believes that small ideas can be great! If you work hard on them! Just like she did to grow more than 300% during the pandemic with her Imediatta group, located in Curitiba-Brazil.

See what Maria Claudia told us about this topic

''People are responsible for everything that happens in the business world. Companies that are in constant evolution and expansion have engaged people, committed to the purpose and values ​​of the organization, these people are behind this growth, because they feel involved, committed, proud and faithful defenders of the brand they represent and it make them wish to help in building a successful business model with the organization, that is; these companies became aware that people are not just numbers or badges, they are part of the gear and make the “wheel turn” they must be considered partners, suppliers of knowledge, skills, competences and above all, the most important contribution to organizations: intelligence that provides rational decisions and that gives meaning and direction to global goals.

On the other hand, companies that fail have people behind them, who are treated like numbers, without feelings and emotions, treated as "machines".

In the last two years, my company has grown by more than 300 percent, in the middle of the pandemic I acquired the GPW seal (It is worth mentioning that only the companies awarded in the “Best Companies to Work for GPTW” survey are authorized to use the seal)

because I invest in my TEAM, in their personal and professional development, because I believe that people who make everything happen ARE FLESH, BONE, FEELING AND EMOTION PEOPLE. I value each employee who works with me, they are the ones who give existence to my company and make it grow stronger and based on their values, these are the people who create, innovate and produce accurate and positive results, helping me to build a prosperous and perennial company! (Imediatta Group, since 2001)''.

La confiance c'est la mode - Team Credits:

Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Photographer: @Mafefrassetto

Model: @Maria.claudia.martins



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