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Marina Bisco: This fashion editorial aims to bring people's awareness

We seek to reflect on the new form of socialization in times of the pandemic of today's society. The act of leaving again home, getting out of quarantine and going back to the life called "normal" is the impasse we are facing today. After so long living with ourselves, of fear of an invisible enemy, acontagious enemy who forced us to reclusion; how will we react around socialization? Still concerned about contagion, the way we relate to the outside world has changed.

This fashion editorial aims to bring people's awareness and demonstrate that we still have to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves to the maximum, the virus is still among us and even if we can open the doors of our homes and leave, it does not mean that the pandemic is over. The editorial also aims to question this impasse, in how society reacts to “the reality of now”.

Photographer: Marina Bisco
Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Taís Ramirez
Hair Stylist:  Felippe Mariotto 
Makeup Artist: Poly Mariotto 
Assistant: Giovana Portugal
Model: Mariana Foresto 

Taís and Marina, can you tell us about yourself, please. Where do you live now and where are you from?

Taís Ramírez: I was born in Colombia, but I was raised in Brazil since I was 5 years old, so I end up saying that I am more Brazilian than Colombian, even though I love both countries equally! I also lived in Barcelona, ​​Spain, studying styling and fashion communication. I currently live in Ribeirão Preto, a city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Marina Bisco: I am Brazilian, my hometown is Ribeirão and 4 years ago I moved to Capital, São Paulo. But I am always between my hometown and capital, I love both cities.

Could you please explain some of the feelings that you are trying to achieve with the now reality project?

Taís Ramírez: The Realidade do Agora project came out of the need to show the anguish that we are living with the pandemic and to reflect on how society returns to socialization even in fear of an invisible and contagious enemy.

What gives you ideas and what inspires you to create your beautiful images?

Taís Ramírez: As an art director and fashion stylist, many of my inspirations come from my background, from the mix of cultures in which I was raised. From the trips I made in Latin America and Europe, from the countless museums that I had the pleasure to visit.

Marina Bisco: My inspirations always come from what I consume. That is why I am always a very curious person, I like to know new places, new cultures and new artists (photography, painting, poets, among others). I always seek to be connected with the new, and thus bring inspiration to my work and to people around me.

And for you Marina, what is it like to work in a field dominated by men?

Marina Bisco: When I started in photography I didn't have this notion that I was in the field so dominated by men, I gradually realized it. But I have always tried to take this in a light and positive way. In which where I am inspiring other women to join the profession too. Fashion photo sessions involve teamwork.

Tell us what it's like to work with photographers, stylists, models and designers.

Taís Ramírez: Our work is always done in groups and I believe that is what makes it such an incredible job! There are many minds thinking together for a common result. In our case, our partnership has always been great, each one putting their point of view and their vision for the project. We have a very good tune and similar work style.

Marina Bisco: I am passionate about fashion photography, as they involve a team for magic to happen. Connection and harmony between professionals is very important. So I always try to work with professionals that I'm in tune with. For all of this generates a reflection in the final work. My work with Tais is an example of that, we have a lot of connection and with that wonderful works are born

How important is it to stay up to date on the latest trends to succeed in what you do?

Taís Ramírez: For me it is essential to be updated on trends! A fashion stylist must always be up to date on the latest fashion trends of the season. It is through them that we do our work, without trends our work does not have a context with society at the present moment. Knowing art history and fashion history is also very important to have work references that are suited to what you want to convey.

What are some tips you would give to a beginner fashion professional?

Taís Ramírez: The tip I would give would be “work hard”. Only by working you will be able to have experience, and in the world of fashion and photography, experience is the key to success!

Marina Bisco: My tip for fashion professionals is to be always open and in search of partnerships and collaborations, whether with photographers, stylists, makeup artists, among others. This will bring portfolio, network and experiences

What would be your tips / advice for models looking to expand their portfolio?

Taís Ramírez: My advice for the models is to always try to understand the meaning the photographer and the art director want to communicate in the photoshoot. It is always important for the model to convey the feeling you want to achieve in the photo.

Marina Bisco: Always looking for partnerships with photographers, and looking for references of models already established in magazines, pinterest, among others.

What projects are you working on next and what are your goals for the future?

Taís Ramírez: The next project I'm working on is an editorial that brings together fashion and art, two concepts that have always gone together.

For the future I intend to continue working as a fashion stylist and with fashion communication. I want to continue growing professionally and show my work to the world

Marina Bisco: At the moment I have a project in which I try to talk about the awakening of the human being, in several angles. Bringing models or aspirants who are in a process of inner transformation of self-knowledge.

In my future I aim to achieve financial recognition only for my creative works, be it with photos and videos.



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