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Jana Marvanová: New Era of Czech and Slovak Photogirl

Exclusive interview with with model and creative director Jana Marvanová

Can you tell us about your background and how you got started in modeling and creative directing?

I started my career as a model when I was in my deepest time. I was abused when I was 15 and after I had twice aggressive boyfriends and one of them almost killed me so in that time after I healed myself I started to learn how I can love myself again and also believe in myself. I started writing blog about my experiences and also share this with photos on Instagram and some brands find me for collaboration and also one tv station did some interviews with me and that’s how it all started

How do you approach the creative process when working on a project?

For me is the most important research as much as I can about project or brand I will work with. I always think twice if that work suits me or not. Then I love vision boards and I always make them to prepare myself for it.

How do you ensure that the vision of a project is aligned with the client's expectations?

I think best of I can do is to talk with client and use my intuition and also my empathy skills. I always have some vision but it could not suit to everyone and just honest talk will help.

How do you maintain a good relationship with clients and team members during a project?

It’s necessary to have strict rules always and try to make lines what is work and what is love or friendship because usually I always put my best in every project and sometimes because of that client could be really close to me almost as friend but still we have some work with we have to do so we have that rules first work second time for relax. And of course again honestly talk.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the modeling and creative directing industry?

I travel a lot around the world and I always love to watching during my travels how other people work and speak with them. So I inspire myself in every beauty pageant I am part of, I watching as much fashion shows as I can and also I still study university and when I have free time I do some more courses to be always informed.

Can you walk us through your experience working on a particularly challenging project, and how you overcame any obstacles?

My most challenging project is probably right now in my life when I’m ambassador of Czech and Slovak Photogirl and I also work in that competition as creative director or something like that. My work is about setting and preparing events, also I managed casting calls, I am gonna work with girls and be there always for them so it’s lots of work to show my best and try to push this competition even higher than before. It is definitely challenging for me.

How do you handle criticism or feedback from clients or team members?

I don’t have problems when clients criticise my work, it’s absolutely normal and we can fix that. I need to say that I always have amazing team so we barely argue but I am still little bit sensitive when someone criticises what I do for others, like when someone criticises others or when it comes to charity.

How do you balance the creative aspect of a project with practical considerations, such as budget and timeline?

Who knows me will tell you that I am always in the time no matter what and even if I am five minutes late I am freaking out. But for time management is best for me my favourite diary - I use colour and stickers to manage everything and when it comes to money I always let budget for financial management.

Can you share with us any innovative or unique approaches you have taken to a project that resulted in its success?

I think that best ideas come from the most hardest time - so best innovation is never give up if you want something new.

How do you approach diversity and inclusivity in your work as a model and creative director?

I love to being model and I know when I get work as a model is huge blessing for me because I am not typically shape of model and don’t have best high but I know that my story can inspire other women to never give up even everyone says you can not do it. This is something what push me to be better and it gives me power to put everything in my work even if I don’t have energy and sometimes you have to do something for other people from business because next time they will help you. Every day I push myself to be better person and thank for everything because for me it is the key how to be happy with your career.

How do you ensure that your creative vision aligns with the values and mission of a brand or company?

Again communicate and research

How do you stay motivated and inspired to continue to create impactful and memorable projects?

I think my biggest motivation is to be alive and live everyday as its last day. I inspire myself during work, travel, music and foods helps and also being around amazing, creative people always help and give you exactly that energy you need to feel good and be prepared for every project.

Photographer: Hana Přenosilová @hanap.foto

Makeup Artist: Viktoreniak Braids @viktoreniak_hairstylist

Fashion Designer: Bára Hošková: @barahoskova_dress

Model/Creative Director/Publication: Jana Marvanová @marvankajein

Model: Sumi Kadyrova @miss.samia21

Model: Tamila Sparrow @tamila_sparrow

Model: Denisa Rochlová @dennierochelle



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