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Princess D. La'Rue: I am inspired by fashion that makes you happy, makes you confident

"Be Bold. Fashion is the most fun expression of you! Enjoy it. and Rock it. "

Model/Fashion Designer/Hair Stylist/Creative Director: Princess D. La'Rue @princessdlarue
Photographer: Maggie Benjamin
Retoucher: Magan Campbell

Happy to have you here, Princess D. La'Rue. Tell us your story, how did you got started with fashion design & modeling and where is your home at the moment?

I started fashion designing for myself as a child. But I started designing for others about 8 years ago. I started modeling my designs about 2 years ago. I recently decided to take it more serious as my own ambassador and I hired a photographer. I currently reside in Buffalo, NY.

Tell us more about yourself. What else do you do next to modeling?

Mostly Fashion Design. Modeling is the least of my talents. I feel like I was forced to model since people weren’t very reliable. I also sing and I grew up as a dancer. I wish I stuck with dance longer.

What do you love most about being a Fashion Designer? And, what do you least enjoy?

I love when I finally see the completed looks. The vision I had in the beginning was just a thought and then it is a wearable piece of art. I least enjoy not getting much sleep due to trying to finish what I’ve started. Once I start its hard for me to stop so I often lose sleep from working longer.

What is the most challenging being a Fashion Designer & Model?

Its hard for me to be a model. Extremely. I do not see myself as flattering as one may think. I critique myself about every little detail. I think most people do. Im still learning my angles and how to pose. The hardest part about fashion design is staying current, up on the trends, creating eye catching designs and marketing it to the right crowd.

If you could change something in the modeling / Fashion world, what would it be?

I do not want to change anything about either, everything about both has made it what it is. We have to take the bad with the good. Each other influence one another. They inspire one another. I love where fashion and modeling has come from and where it is headed. Its all about a persons perspective. Everything isn’t for everyone, but someone will love it, someone can relate to it and those people matter!

What fuels your imagination and provides you with inspiration?

Well besides my daughter being a huge inspiration now. I am inspired by the fun fashion and modeling was in the 40’s through the 70’s. People boldly expressed themselves and smiled. I am inspired by fashion that makes you happy, makes you confident, makes you secure.

What keeps you excited about life in general?

Knowing that it can be worst. That I have the ability to change any situation I am in. Knowing that I have not only myself but a daughter to live for. Knowing that my positive energy affects everything around me. There is enough negativity in the world, I try not to add to that.

Looking back how has modeling experience changed your personal/professional life? Have you grown more comfortable with yourself since you have started?

Actually yes, I am more comfortable and I think I owe a lot of that to my photographer Maggie EB, my dear friends Magan Campbell and Saleemah Furqan, and my sister Joyce Moore for being so supportive. For always motivating me, providing with feedback and compliments. They give that boost to my self-esteem that is well needed to execute great designs and photos that say “I did not come to play”

What kind of life would you like to have?

I hope that this career path will provide me with a land, a beautiful home for me and my daughter, gated with a beautiful yard, garden, pool and amazing views. Financial stability, wealth to care for my daughter, family and friends. I hope this career brings memories I can only dream of having! From overseas traveling to Celebrities on the red carpet. Who knows maybe I will win a Oscar for best costume designer soon!

What are the achievements you are proud of most of today?

I am mostly proud that I continued to chase this career path 8 years later. I am proud to have done several fashion shows, worked with some amazing clients even celebrities. I am even more proud to have stepped out of my comfort zone and be the model of my own designs on magazine covers! I am even more proud to have achieved it all while going through the rollercoaster ride of life, mourning the loss of family and raising my daughter. I have managed to not miss a beat. I applaud myself for not quitting when it was the easiest thing to do.

Where can our readers keep up with your work and get connected with you?

Please visit my website and see the many designs I have to offer for children, women and men! On the website you will also find client photos, media, and future events. You will also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as PrincessDLaRue!



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