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Resilience and Renaissance: Mariana Barcari's Journey from Setbacks to Stardom in the Modeling World

Can you tell us a bit about your journey into the world of modeling? What inspired you to start?

The first step into modeling industry launched with “ Elita” modeling school, in Moldova, 2015, when I was a student at university. Once my courses have ended and the time came for dubut, we found out that the school was a scam, parents been lied, robbed and some models got physically abused.

After that experience, my modelling chapter was closed, until I’ve met Natalie Gaidysh in Miami, 2022. Her goodness beauty, kindness and openness, truly inspired and encouraged to reopen a new modelling chapter. I have joined the NG Models Agency in 2022 and since than we still cooperate for projects.

You’ve been a photo model for two years now. What have been some of your most memorable projects or photoshoots during this time?

Most memorable things are those that happens for the first time, and one of those was when I photo-shouted for Seline Magazine. There were a team of two photographers, make up artist, stylist and assistant to support. I remember how a river of happiness and excitement crossed all my body, that feeling of being a star, the center of admiration, all the lights and cameras were spotted on you, damn, it was fabulous!

You mentioned having a huge passion for acting. How do you incorporate this passion into your modeling work?

A model is a woman who represents all kind of women and without acting skills of transformation and flexibility, perhaps may be impossible.

You primarily shoot fashion, glamour, and beauty but also enjoy creative projects. Can you share a favorite experience from a creative project like body paint or dress up?

The DV Metals Arts Studio reached to me with a project, to paint for the first time a woman in the metal and wished me to model. I really liked the idea and agreed to create this masterpiece. Instead of clothes I dressed up in fresh roses arrangements in the shape of a dress. Many hours passed quickly in laughing, talking and a lot of joy, until we succeed.

How has your experience been working with NG Models Agency and individual photographers? Do you have a preference for one over the other?

My experience working with both parties was triple three : pleasant, professional and productive. No preferences, it’s an honour and pleasure to work with both of them, by learning, getting connections and new projects.

Your photos have been published in Seline and Peng magazines. How did it feel to see your work in such renowned publications?

I had mixture of feelings, accompanied with shock from the news hard to believe to.

Everyday when I see the magazines in my room, reminds me that every dream could be accomplished if there is a “ will “ .

You’re available for photoshoots in Chicago and are open to traveling within the US and occasionally abroad. What have been some of your favorite destinations for shoots?

I love the most shooting in the nature, by beautiful places where I can resonate with them and create something unique. One of those favorite places where I had the shooting were on Sola Island, Dominican Republic and Amalfi Coast, Italy.

What makes you unique and contributes to your success as a model?

The true power is hidden in the confidence, which comes deeply from inside and reflects outside on the body features, giving the accents that translate a message to the viewers.

What qualities do you look for in photographers and agencies you work with? Can you share an example of a particularly successful collaboration?

Transparency, professionalism, creativity, honesty and good communication.

Sure, I had a shooting with an individual photographer and really liked his approach, he had really well prepared, with contract, great lighting, professional tools, knowledge in architecture by creating perfect angles for great shots and even suggestions on posing. Definitely one of the top collaborations.

You bring a lot of energy and passion to your projects. How do you maintain this enthusiasm and what drives you to keep pushing boundaries in your work?

Each project to me is a treasure, the more I dig into it the more diamonds I discover, like creating connections or even successes projects that open new doors. All these experiences bring a lot of excitement of unknown and ignite the enthusiasm in me.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your modeling career and how have you overcome them?

I had always the fear of working for scam agencies, because of my past story, but with the time I overcame it with courage, determination to move forward and getting well informed.

Another challenge, was shooting topless or see through clothing due to my religious beliefs. I kept pushing my boundaries, changed my beliefs and did more shootings and late lately I conquer this obstacle.

What are your aspirations for the future of your modeling and acting career? Are there any specific goals or dream projects you hope to achieve?

One of my favourite proverb is: “ Aspire to climb as high as you can dream “ , so do I .

I wish to start shouting for clothing, jewellery and cosmetics to represent the brands as a model and also appear on covers for Elle and Vogue Magazines.

It may sound funny, but few years ago, a desire born in me to film in Turkish series and hope this to come true in the next year.

Model: Mariana Barcari @ng_models_

Photographer: Hector Camacho (Hector C Photography) @hectorc_photography



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