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Victor Adeniran: Grant yourself the permission to blossom

How did you get started in the modeling industry?

Oh, that's a funny story. I was in West Hollywood for pride years ago when I was 21, it was my first pride event, and I was so excited. A guy approached me and said, "oh wow, I know a photographer who would love to shoot you." I thought, "well, if this isn't the lamest pickup line ever," but then I thought, "oh sure, I'll play along" he introduced me to a man named Ed Freeman, who then took some photos and got them published in an Australian magazine. And the rest is history, and within that year, I must've brought over four publications. So yes, I am glad I took a chance and wasn't a cynic. Lol

What do you think sets you apart from other male models in the industry?

My versatility sets me apart. I'm a dancer and aerialist, fashion enthusiast, fitness trainer, teacher, artist, and former marine, so all these components inform my poses and energy when I shoot or walk.

How do you stay in shape and maintain your physique for modeling?

I constantly work out every day, lol. It's my life. It's my form of catharsis and escapism, and it also helps when I'm performing; on top of that, all the rehearsals and shows help with that as well. Being healthy and in shape is part of my lifestyle; it isn’t a trend or chore.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

I am so drawn to retro style, especially 70's inspired clothing. I lost count of how many bell bottoms, flare pants, blazers, ascots/cravats, scarves, platforms,70s collar shirts, etc. I am drawn to the fit, color patterns, and prints.

Can you walk us through your typical day on a fashion shoot or runway show?

I always love to know the photographer or client’s vision and bring my interpretation to the shoot. It is vital for me, though, that it is a collaborative effort, so I always ask for feedback when needed. I wake up early enough to get my workout in, hydrate, have a snack, exfoliate (it’s my ritual), show up early, warm up, and talk with the crew, then shoot.

How do you prepare mentally for a big show or shoot?

I look up poses etc., that may fit for inspiration; I try renditions of them before, seeing how they might present on me. I also make sure my head is clear of anything that may be distracting or put me in a weird headspace so I don't take on anyone's burdens the day of. I clear my head and get it done, then deal with the world and everything happening in it.

Who are some fashion icons or designers that inspire you?

Love Dolce and Gabbana, especially in recent years; their prints appeal to me from an artistic standpoint, and I also love their androgynous/epicene approach to fashion. Most of their practical and runway looks could be worn by whomever. I'm madly in love with Mugler. There's something very sharp yet out of this world about their design. And the construction of their pieces is very flattering and inspiring.

How do you approach posing and expressing yourself in front of the camera?

I'm always drawn to any poses that are movement heavy just because of my background. I also like to move based on what I'm wearing or not and how liberated I feel. Sometimes the best shots come organically without being forced or overtly concerted.

What has been your favorite modeling experience so far?

I did Levi's campaign shoot in the early 2000s. Lol, yes, I am dating myself. But the experience was enjoyable, and everyone seemed very professional and welcoming, not to mention friendly; I always loved that.

How do you balance your personal style with the demands of a shoot or show?

Wow, honestly, on a regular day, you can always find me in a tank top, sweats, and running tights, and that's it, lol, however when I go out, I do love to dress up, if by chance, I have to style myself for a fashion shoot I can easily make up stunning pieces from what I own I love jewelry, especially crystals, fedoras, prints, blazers, corsets, etc... So on a shoot, I could quickly bring some pieces that may fit most shoots and be okay. So there is some carry-over personally and show or shoot-wise.

What advice do you have for aspiring male models looking to break into the industry?

Be true to your look and yourself. Know and have your boundaries. If a style doesn't suit your brand or value, pass on it; you don't have to say yes to everything. Be professional and build a network of people who inspire you, and you inspire; that interchange of energy helps you go far. Treat your body well and thank it for what it does, understanding that if you want a long career in modeling, your approach to health (physical, social, and mental) must also be about longevity.

Model: Victor Adeniran @victorinsandiego


Wardrobe Stylist: @Victorinsandiego



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